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Super efficient cold and heat source machine room

System level design
Prefabricated production, modular integration
Modular transportation, site assembly
IPC Embedded Correlated Automatic Control Technology

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Freezer room solution

Energy saving, easy installation/use, high quality monitoring

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Energy-saving spray propelling cooling tower

● Low noise ● Zero power consumption ● New generation circulating water cooling tower

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product list

Heating and gas supply ventilation and air conditioning project (HVAC)
Ultra-efficient integrated computer room / valve / AGV automatic guided vehicle military products / agent products

Heating and gas supply ventilation and air conditioning project

Super efficient integrated cold and heat source computer room

The ultra-efficient integrated cold and heat source computer room is based on the ultra-efficient and energy-saving IPC embedded associated automatic control system. Based on the preliminary design of the design institute, it carries out secondary deepening design and BIM modeling XNUMXD simulation to optimize the parameters of the equipment. Mechatronics system-level products formed by factory prefabrication, module transportation, and field assembly.

Water pump

Armstrong DE variable frequency pump, vertical pipeline pump, FTV multi-function valve

Cooling Tower

MINSKEN new generation of energy-saving spray propulsion cooling tower, this product has a variety of combination units, which can be flexibly combined according to the site. This technology can also be applied to the construction of cooling pools and the transformation of steel-concrete structure cooling towers.

main products

Sales: Armstrong, Armstrong Trap, Armstrong Pressure Reducing Valve, Armstrong Globe Valve, Armstrong Check Valve

About us

Armstrong (Xi'an) Intelligent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Focus on the design and construction of air conditioning projects

Armstrong (Xi'an) Smart Fluid Technology Co., Ltd."MINSKEN"Is Canada"ARMSTRONG"Emmerstrand Flow System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Northwest Strategic Operation and Maintenance Center. Armstrong (Xi'an) Intelligent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd."MINSKEN"It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and installation of new energy development, energy equipment, fluid equipment, energy-saving control, military equipment, and system integration.

Project cases

Domestic application cases and solutions of air conditioning engineering

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